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NIROX has a range of events, exhibitions, concerts, talks, and workshops available during the year. 





The Villa-Legodi Centre for Sculpture

16 March 

LINES OF SIGHT is structured in parts. Each revolves around an individual artwork: Tumelo Mtimkhulu’s 'One final act of love' (2023); Olu Oguibe’s 'Sex Work is Honest Work' (2023); and Serge Alain Nitegeka’s film 'BLACK SUBJECTS' (2012). Produced with a particular context in mind, each artwork explores the place of community and world-building therein, especially the need to empathise with those we do not necessarily know or have an immediate connection with. In responding to their own contextual specificities, each artist offers a series of potential strategies to deal with questions of personal and collective memory; strategies which may help to facilitate points of connection, minimising the sense of isolation and paralysis faced by so many and, one hopes, empowering the global community to take action.



NIROX celebrates Mothers in the Amphitheater with The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra on Sunday, 12 May 



MOM | A Classical Concert Celebrating Mothers with The Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra

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