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Latia Echakhch — Blush (2019)
Latia Echakhch — Blush (2019)
We rely on partnerships, friends and on good relations with artists, peer foundations, cultural activators and academia.
And then there was fire...

NIROX has collaborated with 'The Yorkshire Sculpture Park', 'Wanas Konst skulpturpark, 'Norval Foundation', amongst many other international art institutions.


Founded in 2009, Columba Residency’s vision is to instill a sense of grit, purpose, determination and 21st century skills, into large numbers of young African leaders through their unique and dynamic peer-on-peer leadership model. With a powerful track record of 7900 graduates from 189 schools, Columba is creating a deep impact - changing the lives of individuals, the culture of schools and the aspirations of communities, nationwide. With the completion of their new permanent residency in the Valley, alongside NIROX, its leaders intimately experience the arts and nature; unharnessing new ways of being and imagining their future.

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Columba Leadership Academy
Installation view of 'Noria Mabasa_ Shaping Dreams,' 2022. Villa-Legodi Centre for Sculptu

The Claire and Edoardo Villa Will Trust aims to celebrate and promote the rich artistic legacy of Edoardo Villa (1915-2011). Named after the artist and his wife, Claire Zafirakos, the trust encompasses two key functions. The first is broadly reputational and focuses on ensuring that Villa’s important contributions to South African art history remain clear and accessible to both art specialists and the general public, now and into the future. The second purpose of the trust is to promote the professional advancement of sculpture as a discipline through a bursary/grant scheme.

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Villa-Legodi Centre for Sculpture

Set in Johannesburg's highveld of the Cradle of Humankind, 58 is a place to restore conscious appreciation for life in all its manifestations and create a model for a regenerative society.


Born from values of collaboration, community, presence and regeneration, the project aims to create a thoughtful platform for discussions and experiences that realign us to our humanity and nature.


58 is a place to stay, experience arts, eat farm-to-table food, contemplate, learn about regenerative practices, have bespoke treatments at the holistic healing centre, read in the library or swim in the waterfall. 

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Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 10.45.47.png

Signature Library aims to promote learning by exposing communities, particularly young people, to programmes that will ensure that they are able to take full advantage of the opportunities in the community and country. Most importantly, Signature Library emphasizes and embeds the role that young people must play in nation-building and in achieving social cohesion. The Soweto Signature Library at Kholwani Primary School has positively transformed the school, the children and their community. 
NIROX is now, together with Signature Library and 58, creating the Cradle Signature Library at the local Matla Combined School.

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Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 10.51.22.png
Kromdraai Co-Creativity and Impact Hub

NIROX has excellent relations with embassies and Country Culture Offices across the world.

Kaushal Sapre_Post.jpg
INLAKS Foundation

In 2023, NIROX partnered with INLAKS Foundation to support artistic exchange between South Africa and India, held in collaboration with the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (Wits University). The first recipient of the annual award was Kaushal Sapre, who was in residence in August 2023.

Wanas Konst.jpg

NIROX have a long-standing relationship with Wanas Konst, having collaborated on exhibitions such as 'Not a Single Story' (2018), which was supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation, the Swedish Institute and the Embassy of Sweden.

Wanås Konst
Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 11.36.03.png
Lang de Moun Mon

In 2023, we partnered with Lang de Moun Mon, Nestled amidst tranquil surroundings in the “hidden treasure” suburb of Observatory, Johannesburg, we invite you to step into a world where rest, rejuvenation, and creative exploration intertwine seamlessly.

Our haven offers a holistic approach to health and balance, designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. From serene spaces for quiet reflection to vibrant studios for artistic expression, each corner of LDMM is crafted with intention, fostering a sense of connection and renewal.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 11.26.59.png

Orchestrated by Dilip Menon, NIROX have a long-standing relationship with the Centre for Indian Studies in Africa (Wits University), to promote cultural, academic, and artistic exchange between South Africa and India. CISA has been instrumental in facilitating a number of projects, from our collaboration in 2023 with INLAKS Foundation to our engagement with Aazhi Archives and the realisation of the exhibition 'Sea: A Boiling Vessel'

Yorkshire Sculpture Park.jpg

NIROX have a long-standing relationship with Yorkshire Sculpture Park, having collaborated on exhibitions such as 'A Place in Time' (2016)

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 08.39.29.png

In 2023, NIROX established an artist-in-residence exchange programme with CASA WABI in Mexico. The first recipients of this exchange are Johan Thom, who will take part in a residency at Casa Wabi in May 2024, and Rual Mirlo, who will undertake a residency at NIROX in September 2024.

Goodman_The yellow line.jpeg
Moleskine Foundation

NIROX is the first international Hub to host a portion of the Moleskine Foundation Collection, including all notebooks produced by the young creative changemakers participating in AtWork Chapters in South Africa. The first notebooks included at NIROX will be the 37 artworks created during AtWork Joburg and AtWork Lab Soweto. Both workshops took place in 2022, during the international “What Comes First?” AtWork Tour.NIROX will keep growing the Collection every year, inviting resident artists to create a personalized Moleskine notebook as part of their residency.

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