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NIROX provides residencies for artists from all disciplines, in a rich cultural and
natural environment.
Inter-disciplinary, established, emerging, local and
international artists engage together freely in nature. 
The Residency is in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its extraordinary contribution to the changing understanding of human evolution and our connection with nature. Residents enjoy access to paleo-anthropology, archeology, geology, science and traditional knowledge, in the context of relevant history and contemporary life.
Keneilwe is a visual artist, curator, and educator based in Johannesburg. Her work has been exhibited in a number of cities, both locally and internationally, including Swaziland, Brussels, and Paris.
Sadie Clayton is a British creator and innovator specialising in copper metal, fusing spirituality and technology. During her BA Honors in Fashion Design, she got fascinated by the versatility of copper as a metal and as a ‘fabric’; so she integrated copper sculptures into her collections. However, Sadie’s curiosity in technology and passion for innovation lead her to work with holograms at the Royal Academy of the Arts in collaboration with MHD holograms, augmented reality at M&C Saatchi, and artificial intelligence with Sophia the first ever social, humanoid robot.
Soukaïna is a visual artist and surface designer based in Casablanca, Morocco, with a background in weaving and craftsmanship. For the past 8 years, she has extended her research on plastic waste as a social phenomenon. She explores all the possibilities this material, deemed waste, has to offer with the aim to interrogate its value of use and the perception one has of it. 
She arrived at NIROX prior to lockdown and spent almost six months with us, forming an integral part of the NIROX family.









Accommodation consists of a two bedroom double-story house facing north overlooking the Sculpture Park, with a large double-volume studio, mezzanine work space, lounge, dining and entertainment facility. Adjoining the house is an open-fronted sculpture workshop and a second studio.

A separate self-contained 2-bedroom cottage facing west overlooks the water, sheltered from the afternoon sun by generous Bushwillows.

Residencies are fully serviced with generous meals prepared by Maria and her team in the house kitchen, good 'rural' wifi, and assistance with sourcing materials, building and making to good standards by our management, ground staff and resident carpenter.

A short walk across the lawns of the Park is the Coolroom Complex, a large multi-functional workshop/studio, a Screening Room with cinema seating, a small studio and curator’s office.

The Sculpture Parks’ 30 hectare garden is shared with the public on weekends and with pre-arranged visitors during the week. Residents’ privacy is protected, but it is in the nature of the Foundation’s purpose to encourage engagement.

The restaurant, ‘and then there was FIRE’ is open to the public. Residents are encouraged to enjoy its active program of music, performance, culinary-school, yoga, talks, poetry, fashion and related activities; to be part of Bernardo and Manu’s passion for food and the exulted life we hope to bring to South Africans and visitors from afar.

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Residents have access to the adjoining 1000 hectare Khatlhaphi Private Nature Reserve, a wilderness of hills and valleys populated with a diversity of local game and birdlife.
There is no fixed work imperitive. Residents are encouraged to interact with each
other, local arts and other communities; to collaborate and create compelling
In particular we press residents to experience and contribute to the extraordinary work of the Columba Leadership Academy whose residency is hosted in the park, instilling values, hope and inspiration to leading youths from the most underserved communities of South Africa. NIROX’ reach into local life provides opportunity for engagement with museums, institutions, galleries, academia, artists and other communities. 
Residents are required to leave an artwork or other suitable record for the
NIROX Foundation Archives.
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There is no call for applicants nor fixed application process. If you are interested please contact us here and we will begin a conversation. It will help us if you include your own preferred version of a CV, artist's statement, portfolio of work, biography, or the likes along with a short text on why you are interested, and have questions you would like us to answer.

Since its inception, NIROX has hosted more than 300 artist’s in residence.

Jake Aikman
Sophia Ainslie
Akindiya Akirash
Zuleikha Allana
Anna Nordquist Anderson
Beth Diane Armstrong

Soukaïna Aziz El Idrissi

Steve Bandoma
Valerio Berruti
Atul Bhalla
Peter Bialobreski
Caroline Bittermann
Michael Blake
Sean Blem
Dineo Bopape
Willem Boshoff
Eric Bourret
Franki Burger
Carla Busuttil

Bev Butkow
Mira Calix
Mia Chaplin
Clifford Charles
Rebecca Chesney
Mat Chivers
Zuleika Chaudhari
Priyanka Chaudhary
Marco Cianfanelli
Alain Clement
Hannelie Coetzee
Steven Cohen
Ruann Coleman
The Cool Couple
Christian Courreges
Ingrid de Kok
Katharien de Villiers
Thomas Demand
Godfried Donkor
Antoine Donzeaud
Auke de Vries

Barend de Wet

Tatjana Doll